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Rio da Prata - Marcelo Krause
lagosta - Fernando de Noronha - André Seale
Mergulho Fernando de Noronha - André Seale
Fernando de Noronha - André Seale
Foto de mergulho em Fernando de Noronha - André Seale
Praia de Atalaia - Fernando de Noronha - André Seale


19/02/2013 - 10h28

Scuba diving in Brazil may be better than other international diving points




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Whether you`re looking for a simple underwater experience or a hard-core wreck or night dive, diving in other place can offer excitement and a different way of seeing the world.

Everyone knows about popular destinations such as Dahab in Egypt and Thailand, but Travel Bite has found some fantastic diving holiday destinations you may not have considered before.

Our experts have put together some tips for the best diving points in Brazil, including options for all budgets.

Diving in Brazil

With 4,578 miles of coastline, Brazil offers endless diving opportunities.

From deep water diving off the island of Fernando de Noronha in the north, wreck diving off both Rio and São Paulo states in the south, and freshwater cave diving in inland Bonito, there is something for everyone. Due to hundreds of years of fighting colonists, slave ships and piracy, the coast of Brazil is scattered with wrecks, from 17th century galleons to present day helicopters.

The exotic coastal town of Arraial do Cabo in Rio State boasts 47 different wrecks, around 100 miles from Rio. One of the most popular sites here, the "Blue Grotto", features a 25-metre dive through wrecks, canyons and tunnels, with sightings of turtles, sea horses and moray eels.

The small island of Ilha Grande off the coast of Rio also boasts one of the most concentrated areas of shipwrecks in the world. As a protected nature reserve covered in lush rainforest, it acts as a large breakwater, sheltering the surrounding waters from strong winds and marine currents and making an ideal diving area. Dives to the wreck of a crashed helicopter and the remains of a 150-year-old European ship are popular and dolphins are sighted regularly.

Inland, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul is the town of Bonito, which is Portuguese for beautiful. This area, near the border of Paraguay, is famous for its crystal clear waters thanks to the high concentration of lime in the surrounding soil. There are many underground freshwater caves to dive, including Abismo Anhoas, which is accessible only by rappelling down a 72-metre cable. Once in the cave divers find themselves surrounded by ten metre-high rock formations.

This dive has been likened to swimming through an underwater city. Unlike most cave dives, you can surface at any point, which makes the experience slightly less daunting. Many of the dives are for specially trained cave divers because of the unknown depths and uncharted territory of the caves. Open water divers will be taken to a maximum depth of 20 metres in many of them.

For those who prefer not to dive, the area also offers some excellent snorkelling opportunities. The nearby Rio Sucuri is beautifully clear, and trips there involve floating along the river through dense rainforest, spotting huge shoals of colourful fresh water fish, otters and human-sized gold fish.

With informations from Francesca Elliott

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