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sunset in noronha - André Seale
Dolphins Fernando de Noronha - André Seale
parrotfish - Fernando de Noronha - André Seale
Fernando de Noronha - André Seale
sponge Fernando de Noronha Brazil - André Seale
scuba dive - Ismael Escote

The underwater world of divers and Scuba.

All the information about dive in Brazil, equipment, photos, scuba diving points, news, articles, Bonito, Fernando de Noronha and more.

As the name of the activity suggests, "Discovery" is the exact sensation of the of your first dive. It is a feeling of a new discovery, something only imagined in dreams, the discovery of a new world, totally different from ours.

For most people, the activity seems like something difficult and inacessible, which is far from the truth. Any person, after a correct orientation and accompanied by a instructor can experience their first underwater tour, which we call a "Baptism". The "Baptism" or "Discovery Dive" must be conducted only by professional and qualified divers that will provide the necessary information and support to insure the safety of the operation.

The activity is acessible to most people, with or without practice in water activities. Children, youth, seniors and physically disabled can experience themselves a world that used to be seen only through videos and pictures. The accompaniement is individual and is always conducted within the safety limits in order to guarantee satisfaction and eliminate risks for the user. After this experience, it is almost impossible not to join a scuba diving school, and start taking courses and buying equipments and scuba gear.

Why diving in Brazil?

Easy answer: Brazil has amazing scuba diving points, beaches, caves and warm rivers of fresh crystal clear water, rich with aquatic vegetation and fish species. Points of Brazil, such as Bonito, Fernando de Noronha, Ilha Grande, Arraial do Cabo, Laje de Santos, Porto de Galinhas, Búzios, Recife, Paraty, offer an unforgettable Scuba experience to the wonderful underwater world.

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